I’m Not Moving – Should I Hire a Broker to Help with Our Lease Renewal?

Landlords hire professional leasing agents to negotiate the highest returns for the investment in their building.  If the agent or landlord can sign a tenant at a higher rate, it improves the landlord’s bottom line.  Likewise, tenants should retain an expert to minimize their real estate costs – even if the tenant plans on a lease renewal.

Tenants often believe that, due to their good relationship with the landlord and a long history in the building, they get a better deal in the lease renewal.  On the contrary, landlords know that most tenants renew their lease.  Thus, existing tenants have little leverage in a lease renewal negotiation unless they retain an experienced expert.

How Will Golden Group Real Estate Help with my Lease Renewal?

The key to a successful lease renewal negotiation is creating competition between your current landlord and surrounding landlords in the area, while maintaining a controlled and organized process.  An experienced tenant representation broker provides the proper market research and negotiating skill for a successful lease renewal negotiation.  Golden Group Real Estate specializes exclusively in tenant representation and can save you significant amounts of time and money on your office lease renewal.

Golden Group Real Estate is aware that you don’t want to damage your relationship with the landlord.  We work with every landlord in an aggressive, yet fair and professional manner.

How is Golden Group Paid for Helping with my Lease Renewal?

Our tenant representation real estate services are 100% free to our clients, even if you use us to negotiate a lease renewal.  If you renew, your current landlord will pay our brokerage commission.  If you decide to relocate, your future landlord will pay our commission.  Under no circumstances will you, our client, pay for our services.  So it always makes sense to retain our expertise when negotiating your lease renewal.

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