Looking for Buildings for Sale?

Golden Group Real Estate provides free buyer representation real estate services.  We help clients find buildings for sale and negotiate purchase agreements.  Our skilled, experienced commercial brokers help you locate, negotiate and evaluate commercial real estate Chicago listings for sale throughout the Chicagoland area.

Why Hire Golden Group Real Estate?

We are active brokers that understand both the leasing and sales markets.  An investment property’s true value is directly correlated to the cash flow it produces via the in place leases.  Understanding the existing leases of an acquisition, whether they are above or below market, is a skill that can lead an investor to a profit or a loss.  Our market knowledge creates value for our clients.

Our buyer representation services are free to our client, we are compensated by the seller.

Golden Group Real Estate specializes in in the Chicago area office space market. Our commercial real estate search company office users find Chicago commercial real estate and negotiate lease and sale contracts.

Our real estate services are 100% free to our clients, even if you use us to negotiate a lease renewal (the landlord pays all brokerage fees).  We are active commercial real estate brokers and work with all Chicago area office buildings.  Golden Group Real Estate will show you available Chicago area office space for lease, including subleases,and represent your interests in the transaction.

We serve as the tenant’s trusted real estate adviser, guiding the tenant through the entire lease process from inception to lease execution. Our real estate services include reviewing the contract and work letter, and facilitating negotiations with attorneys as needed.

How do I Find the Best Buildings for Sale?

Looking for prime commercial real estate Chicago?  Our superior local market knowledge allows you to quickly find the perfect location and to negotiate superior terms!

Every client is different, every client has different real estate needs.  That said, our tenant representation real estate services typically include the following for most clients:

  • Define Requirements
  • Assemble Team
  • Prepare Market Survey
  • Tour and Evaluate Properties
  • Analyze Proposals and Negotiate Terms
  • Select Final Building
  • Monitor Construction
  • Provide Post Occupancy Services

For more information about buildings for sale, please contact company President Troy Golden at (630) 805-2463 or, or complete the market survey request form below.

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